• Cleanings

    Dental cleaning (prophylaxis) is the removal of food, tarter, and other debris on and around the teeth and gums. If left there, they could cause conditions such as gingivitis (red bleeding gums), periodontitis (gum disease), cavities, bad breath, etc.

  • Fillings

    A filling is the removal of decay, bacteria, and decayed tissues of the tooth and replacement of the removed tissue with filling material. Careful sculpting of the filling material then simulates the proper bite of the teeth.

  • Sealants

    Pits and fissures on chewing surfaces of the teeth can be hard to keep clean, causing tooth decay. Sealant material fills the pits and fissures, making chewing surfaces easier to keep free of harmful bacteria. Sealants are a quick and pain-free treatment.

  • Crowns

    Sometimes when a filling is too large for the tooth to be stable, or when the nerve center (pulp) has been removed, a crown is necessary to strengthen the integrity of the tooth. This is so it can stay in the mouth and protect the surrounding teeth from movement, decay, and fracture.

  • Braces

    Our state of the art orthodontics program is for all ages. We offer orthodontic specialists and superior orthodontic materials.

  • Pulpotomies

    The nerve center of the tooth can become infected because of tooth trauma or a large cavity. In these cases, it is necessary to remove the infected portion of the nerve and treat it with a special medicated filling. In these instances, a crown will be essential to protect the weakened tooth.

  • Whitening Services

    Image offers the most up-to-date in-office and take-home whitening services.

  • Sleep & Sedation Dentistry

    At Imagine, we are able to offer the full spectrum of sedation dentistry including laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide), oral conscious sedation or sleep sedation (general anesthesia). General anesthesia is provided by Texas Anesthesia Care.

  • Silver Diamine FL-Procedure

    Silver Diamine Fluoride is a treatment that is used in certain situations that allow the dentist to temporarily arrest tooth decay and keep the cavity from growing.